Professional Career

  • 2016 - present: Lecturer
       Graduate School of Science, Osaka City University

  • 2015 - 2016: Assistant Professor

       School of Science and Technology, Kwansei Gakuin University

  • 2015: Project Assistant Professor
       OCU Advanced Research Institute , Osaka City University

  • 2013-2015: Humboldt Research Fellow

       Institute of Physics, Humboldt-University of Berlin

  • 2009-2014: Assistant Professor

       Research Institute for Electronic Science, Hokkaido University


  • BSc (physics), Osaka City University (Mar. 2004).

  • MSc (physics), Osaka City University (Mar. 2006).

  • PhD (physics), Osaka City University (Dec. 2008).

Awards & Fellowships

  • 2016: Fellow of Leading Initiative for Excellent Young Researchers, MEXT

  • 2015: Masao Horiba Award 

  • 2013: Research Fellowship of Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

  • 2007: Research Fellowship of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (DC2)

Masazumi Fujiwara

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